Stepping into action


It's time to wake up!

>>It’s time to wake the F up.<<
It’s time for you to take massive action.
The longer you wait, the farther away from your goals you become.
Stop waiting for everything to be “perfect” before you take the next step.
It will never be perfect.
You will never feel 100% ready to take the massive action you know you need to.
Every time I reached another level I did so by jumping off the ledge with no contingency plan. 
There was no plan B.
I only gave myself the one option.
It HAD to work.
I forced myself to rise up because I literally had no other option.
I also did the mindset work to make sure I was mentally supported to push through any barrier.
Boiling it down, most excuses I hear stem from a major mindset block.
You’re afraid, insecure, unsure, comparing, etc.
When your mindset isn’t right, no amount of strategy will give you the confidence to take the massive action.
If you ask any successful entrepreneur they will tell you personal development sets the foundation for everything else.
They will also say you need help along the way and shouldn’t do it alone.
I’m creating a killer intimate mastermind for independent hair and beauty pros.
We’ll come together in a small group of highly motivated, kick ass entrepreneurs and work through my business building formula: Strategy + Mindset + Execution.
Maybe you’re looking to take the leap and open your own salon/studio space.
Maybe you’re already in your own space and need help building your business.
Maybe you’re renting a chair, but are struggling to hit your financial goals.
This is for you.
The official launch is in August, but here’s your chance to get on the waitlist and receive a bonus 1:1 coaching session with me!
If you’re on the list and sign up for the program, you’ll get an additional 60 minutes fully devoted to you and your business.
This program will be affordable.
There will be payment plan options.
It’s only open to 5 people.
Waitlist gets first dibs.

How to stop stressing and start having fun in your business


Stop taking things so damn seriously

Are you having fun?
Are you allowing yourself to enjoy your business or is it stressing you the f*ck out?
Are you in flow, play, jam out party mode?
Or coiled, reserved, tentative, quiet, anxious AF?
When was the last time you were spontaneous?
When was the last time you did exactly what you wanted to in the moment?
When was the last time you sent the email full of memes, made the joke, or stood your ground and pissed someone off??
Honestly, when was it?
If it was today, bravo!! I’m so insanely proud of you!
If it’s been awhile or perhaps even never, let’s talk.
So often people mistake having a successful business and taking it seriously with having to become a buttoned up, serious person.
When in fact, it’s the exact opposite!
People want to have fun.
Your clients want to enjoy their time with you.
They want to get to know you, make awkward jokes, laugh and relax.
Stop taking everything so damn seriously!
Test a new promotion, marketing tactic, cutting technique, social media strategy, etc.
Allow yourself to be creative, make mistakes and learn from them.
Stop being so freaking boring.
Start just having fun!

I’m a college dropout and I barely graduated from cosmetology school.


what you don't know about me...

I’m a college dropout and I barely graduated from cosmetology school.
>>My first men’s haircut took me 4 hours and I stepped away halfway through to cry in the bathroom. Guys, I was seriously so bad. 😵
>>The first class I assisted, I mistakenly wore a grey bodysuit and couldn’t turn my back to the class because I had major sweat marks. I never wanted to teach again. 😓💦😳
>>When I quickly rose past my peers to become Salon Manager, I was met with anger and hostility.
>>When I left the first salon I worked at with no plans on where to go next, everyone thought I was nuts.🙀
>>The first time I taught on stage at a show, my entire body was shaking from nerves. I actually had to lay down in the bathroom from a panic attack. I still get anxiety today.🤢
>>When I opened my own studio, even my husband thought I was crazy for leaving the protection of a very well known salon. Especially since this was while planning a massive destination wedding that I would be taking a month off of work for!
>>I jumped at the opportunity to become Global Education Manager and handed off my stable, 6-figure business filled with clients I adored.
I am no different from you.
I have had struggles both in my career and personal life.
I pushed past them regardless.
I do not dwell on them.
I take the leap.
I feel the fear.
I feel the insecurities.
I feel the uncertainty and I persist anyways.
Then I let go.
I let go of expectations.
I let go of timelines.
I let go of how it’s “supposed” to be.
🔑 Some of the most amazing moments in my career came right after these times.
🔑The light is just on the other side of the darkness.
🔑The past is in the past and it no longer needs to take up space in your present.
🔑You decide what your future holds.
🔑You choose what you give your power to.

If no one has told you today:
You are powerful
You are strong
You are smart
You are good enough

Every minute of every day is a chance to pivot. To take the leap of faith.
Now go take massive action towards your dreams.

Money is spiritual!


Hey you, yes, YOU!

Do you believe you're meant to have everything your soul desires most? That it's actually you're birthright? Well, it is...



God, Universe, Source wants you to have abundance.
It is of the highest good.
It’s divine.
It’s spiritual.
Do you believe that?
Do you believe selling your services and products is in full alignment with what the universe wants you to do?
Having money is of the highest good.
Having money is your birthright.
Having money is spiritual.
How would your life change if you had enough to cover your bills and then some.
How would your life change if you had ample savings?
What would your day look like?
How would you feel working with clients?
What energy would you project into the world?
When you have money you are able to do so much more than when you don’t.
Think about all the good money can do.
Think about all the causes you would support.
Think about all the people you could help by projecting abundance into the world.
Money is flow.
Money is infinite.
Money is a resource. It has no beginning and no end.
There will always be enough if you are energetically open to it.
My pricing workbook digs deep into the mindset blocks holding you back from calling in cash, from saving, from raising your prices.
It’s time for you to break free from old ways of thinking and call in major bank.
Selling is sacred.
Selling is spiritual.

After the party there’s the after party... the self care party!


I’ve learned to always take a moment for myself after every event that requires all my energy.
Sometimes it’s going to the spa, others it’s simply sitting in quiet meditation, journaling or a double header at Pure Barre.
In this fast paced, instant world, we often forget to slow down and make time for ourselves.
I teach three key pillars of success:
Strategy, Mindset & Execution.
Generally, people want to immediately dive into strategy and then quickly execute.
You can have all the strategy and all the execution in the world, but without the proper mindset you’ll just end up spinning your wheels.
In my Pricing Workbook, the first thing you dive into is mindset.
It’s the same process I use almost daily to stay in alignment.
To make sure I’m moving forward in the right direction.
To make sure I’m not saying yes to everything, running myself ragged.
It’s powerful.
It’s deep.
It will change your perspective.
It can change your life.
Get your mind right.
Learn how to lead with alignment.
Learn how to make time for yourself.
Learn how to set yourself up for success.
To finally be able to save money, take vacations and have spa days all at once.
Get my Pricing Workbook now.


Are you saying yes to your soul or are you saying yes to your bullshit?

WARNING: This may trigger you!

I wrote this while stuck in the middle seat on a cross country flight next to a complete asshole because I said no to the Universe the day before.
I’m Diamond status with Delta and I always get upgraded to first class. ALWAYS. Like, literally every time. I just do.
The day before my flight I was shopping after a long weekend event with back to back meetings in Las Vegas.
I was having an amazing time, in total alignment and desperately wanted to treat myself.
I’ve been working double time lately and wanted a new belt and handbag.
I popped into Gucci.
Within seconds allllll the old limiting beliefs came rushing back. It hit me hard and was so unexpected!
“You don’t belong here”
“What will your husband think”
“The people here have so much more money than you do”
“You can’t afford anything in this store”
I left and went to Louis Vuitton.
Same thing.
I went back and forth.
In and out.
Checking my bank account balances.
Calculating what would be left in my account in attempt to affirm I could, in fact, afford it.
Walking in circles... I swear the sales associates thought I was losing my mind. And I was.
I left empty handed.
I said no to my desires.
So, it didn’t come as a surprise when the next day I went to board my flight and my upgrade didn’t clear.
I was stuck in the middle seat, next to a total jerk who was screaming profanities over the phone to customer service.
I had recoiled.
I held myself back.
I reverted back to the Jess from several years ago.
I said no to the desires of my soul.
I said no to the Universe so the Universe responded with the same level I kept myself the day before.
What are you currently saying no to?
Where in your life are you holding back?
What just popped into your head? I know something did...
When you say no to your desires, you’re effectively telling the universe you’re not available for better things.
If you’re not where you want to be, you’re not doing the work.
You’re continuing to say no to your desires.
It doesn’t mean you’re not capable.
You’re allowing fear to rule you.
You’re allowing your bullshit stories to be bigger than your dreams.
Make today the day you finally say yes.
Make today the day you decide to follow your heart and get after your desires without abandon.
So, are you saying yes to your soul or are you saying yes to your bullshit?

Massive Love and Support,
Jess Rosen

Do You Allow Negative Clients to Ruin Your Day??

2014-06-06 23.17.30.png

Real talk...

I keep seeing this quote everywhere: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” - Jim Rohn
And then I keep hearing hair industry friends complain about certain clients... how they drag their energy down whenever they see them on their books and it ends up ruining their entire day, sometimes entire week!

So it has me thinking... why do we allow negative energy to run our days? Why don’t we fill our books with clients we adore and are excited to help?

When I was working behind the chair this is something I worked very hard at... surrounding myself with clients and coworkers who inspired me, allowed me to be fully myself and had positive energies. Yes, everyone has their bad days (myself included) and sometimes clients will be late. Sometimes they will be in bad moods and sometimes they actually may not be totally in love with the outcome of that new cut or color! Everyone deserves grace. 

But about the clients who no-show a lot (like almost every time) or who are never ever EVER satisfied with their color, or who constantly nit pick at you or talk down to you like you don't exist (yes, I’ve had them all). We can do one of two things... either choose to love and except them just the way they are and attempt to raise their energies ourselves by pouring immense love into them every time they come in OR we can become so overbooked with our ideal clients that the others are simply unable to find an appointment. The choice is ours.

I have also found that there aren't a lot of people out there teaching us how to actually grow our clientele in a simple and meaningful way that allows us to feel good and supported. A lot of what I am seeing has us handing out free haircuts or running ourselves ragged with Groupon. I am not saying those methods don't work, they most certainly do or people wouldn't be recommending them. I am telling you there is an easier way. It is simple and allows you to work on your own terms while being true to what feels right for you.

You deserve to be booked solid for 2+months. You deserve to raise your prices and you deserve a book full of clients who will pay you in full. You deserve to make more money so you can afford to take time off. You deserve to have a book full of clients you adore. You are worth it. It is your time and I want to help you get there.

I have developed proven strategies that allowed me to almost double my prices while growing my clientele at the same time. I did this on my own terms, without giving out a single free service, working only 4 days a week and took a month vacation in Italy! The only thing I used was social media and I can teach you to do the same.

I take a completely different approach than anyone else is teaching. It's simple and allows you to be fully yourself and true to your brand.

Click here to learn more!


Salon International London 2017 with Andis

SI 2.jpg
SI 3.jpg

This was my second time with Andis at Salon International in London. The first was a bit of a whirlwind as I had just landed my new role with Andis a few days prior. Imagine staring a job and the very next day they are sending you to London to meet a new team and run a very high-profile event. It was intimidating, overwhelming, a major adrenaline rush and I loved every minute of it.

A lot goes into the preparation of a trade show. A lot more than people realize. And there is so much more to being a Platform Artist than what meets the eye. It is much more than simply being a great hairdresser or barber… I have a lot more to say about that so stay tuned for another post on what it really takes to make it to the stage.

For now, I'll leave you with a brief re-cap of Salon International 2017 with Andis:

We had a lot going on this year with three HJ Men's Stage presentations and two HJ Men's Competitions. Every Andis Educator based in the UK took the stage at one point during the weekend and they kept the energy levels high. Our Andis Educators are recognizable in their own right and several were asked to present on the HJ Men’s Stage on their own which is quite the honor! We were also surprised with a few guests, Paco Lopez (Andis Educator based in Spain), Jim Williams, Liam Kenny and Tom Pipkins. Andis debuted a new limited-edition design of the beloved Fade Clipper which garnered plenty of attention.

Make sure you're following Andis UK on Instagram and Facebook for real time posts on our events!

Armstrong McCall World's Fair 2015

This past weekend I was given the honor of representing Andis at the Armstrong McCall World's Fair 2015 in Houston, TX. I was lucky enough to be booked with 2 Barbering Main Stage presentations and 4 classroom times! This is the most solo time I have ever received at any 2 day show so I was incredibly excited and, needless to say, very busy.

This was also the first time I was able to assist with the show setup and let me tell you, that is no easy task… Lots of blood, sweat and broken nails went into unpacking and organizing all of the inventory. I have so much more respect for the team of people who show up every weekend to work these shows on top of their regular Monday-Friday office schedule! 

I kicked off the first day of the show bright and early at 9am on the Barbering Main Stage in the center of the show floor and demonstrated a clipper over comb technique using my Andis Master adjustable blade clipper and perfected the haircut with my T-Outiner. The Master is one of my favorite tools and if you take care of it with proper maintenance it will last you a lifetime. I was actually using it in a class a few months ago and a woman came up to me afterwards and told me that she has been using the same Master her grandfather used in his barbershop 70 years ago. Let that sink in for a minute… 70 YEARS AGO!!! Yes, if you take care of your Andis tools, they will last a lifetime.

Next I rushed upstairs to get set up for my 2 classes and had an amazing turnout for both. I continued using my Master and T-Outliner and demonstrated an aggressive undercut in the first class and a traditional Pompadour in the second. For both classes I emphasized the importance of tool maintenance and proper body and hand position. As well as going the extra mile and tightening up the taper through the nape with a step-down technique to give the haircut more longevity.

The second day I started in the classroom and was able to grab a break mid-day to help out at the Andis booth on the show floor. I love being able to assist people in finding the right clipper for them so I relished what little time I had at the booth. And of course it had to be documented with several selfless and photobombs ;)

I ended my day back on the Barbering Main Stage where I switched to my Andis Envy adjustable blade clipper and Andis Charm trimmer.  FYI: They come in the perfect combo pack if you're in need of both a clipper and a trimmer.

I demonstrated a classic business man's haircut with a slight taper through the nape. Again, I used a clipper over comb technique and placing a strong emphasis on adjusting your client's head position rather than your own body posture to achieve your desired outcome. I personally prefer to cut hair using both free hand and clipper over comb techniques instead of utilizing the accompanied guards because I feel it gives the artist much more control over the outcome. Everyone has their own approach to cutting hair and this is what has worked best for me.  Side note: How adorable is my model! He walked by on his way back to his booth and I literally ran after him to ask if I could cut his hair on stage! 

I had an amazing time in Houston and am so thankful for the opportunity to share the knowledge I've gained over the years. I am constantly learning from both my triumphs and mistakes and look forward to sharing more at the next show!

If you have any questions about the tools and products I used please don't hesitate to ask! My email address is:

You can also find FREE educational videos on the Andis website by clicking HERE.