New Product

One of the pros to running my own studio is that I get to choose which products to carry.  This has also proven to be one of the cons.  With so many product lines out there to pick from, where do you even start?!  I've spent the last 2 months researching and testing every line I could get my hands on... some companies are more willing to work with individual stylists than others, which has been a whole other challenge I wasn't expecting to face. Regardless, there is one company that has peaked my interests...

I introduce to you:


What I like about this company is that it is simple. One initial product. After about a year they've introduced their second product -though guy- which I am currently testing. It was made by stylists who were having a hard time finding a product they loved. So they made one. That resonated with me since I am in the middle of the same struggle. It has also been receiving a lot of press!

The product can be used in a few different ways…  

on wet to lightly towel dried hair it will give a natural, cream-like hold

on vigorously towel dried hair or on dry hair with a small amount of water mixed into the product it will act like a medium hold cream or very light clay

on completely dry hair it will give a strong clay-like hold with a natural mat finish

As with most products, the more you use, the stronger the hold.  Nothing about this product is greasy or heavy so it works well with thick and thin hair.

I can't wait to have my clients give it a try!