Armstrong McCall World's Fair 2015

This past weekend I was given the honor of representing Andis at the Armstrong McCall World's Fair 2015 in Houston, TX. I was lucky enough to be booked with 2 Barbering Main Stage presentations and 4 classroom times! This is the most solo time I have ever received at any 2 day show so I was incredibly excited and, needless to say, very busy.

This was also the first time I was able to assist with the show setup and let me tell you, that is no easy task… Lots of blood, sweat and broken nails went into unpacking and organizing all of the inventory. I have so much more respect for the team of people who show up every weekend to work these shows on top of their regular Monday-Friday office schedule! 

I kicked off the first day of the show bright and early at 9am on the Barbering Main Stage in the center of the show floor and demonstrated a clipper over comb technique using my Andis Master adjustable blade clipper and perfected the haircut with my T-Outiner. The Master is one of my favorite tools and if you take care of it with proper maintenance it will last you a lifetime. I was actually using it in a class a few months ago and a woman came up to me afterwards and told me that she has been using the same Master her grandfather used in his barbershop 70 years ago. Let that sink in for a minute… 70 YEARS AGO!!! Yes, if you take care of your Andis tools, they will last a lifetime.

Next I rushed upstairs to get set up for my 2 classes and had an amazing turnout for both. I continued using my Master and T-Outliner and demonstrated an aggressive undercut in the first class and a traditional Pompadour in the second. For both classes I emphasized the importance of tool maintenance and proper body and hand position. As well as going the extra mile and tightening up the taper through the nape with a step-down technique to give the haircut more longevity.

The second day I started in the classroom and was able to grab a break mid-day to help out at the Andis booth on the show floor. I love being able to assist people in finding the right clipper for them so I relished what little time I had at the booth. And of course it had to be documented with several selfless and photobombs ;)

I ended my day back on the Barbering Main Stage where I switched to my Andis Envy adjustable blade clipper and Andis Charm trimmer.  FYI: They come in the perfect combo pack if you're in need of both a clipper and a trimmer.

I demonstrated a classic business man's haircut with a slight taper through the nape. Again, I used a clipper over comb technique and placing a strong emphasis on adjusting your client's head position rather than your own body posture to achieve your desired outcome. I personally prefer to cut hair using both free hand and clipper over comb techniques instead of utilizing the accompanied guards because I feel it gives the artist much more control over the outcome. Everyone has their own approach to cutting hair and this is what has worked best for me.  Side note: How adorable is my model! He walked by on his way back to his booth and I literally ran after him to ask if I could cut his hair on stage! 

I had an amazing time in Houston and am so thankful for the opportunity to share the knowledge I've gained over the years. I am constantly learning from both my triumphs and mistakes and look forward to sharing more at the next show!

If you have any questions about the tools and products I used please don't hesitate to ask! My email address is:

You can also find FREE educational videos on the Andis website by clicking HERE.