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I've been there... the twelve hour days with no lunch break, working holidays and weekends because that's when your clients can come in, not being able to take vacation because there is no such thing as PTO when you're working behind the chair, late clients, no-show clients, the constant re-schedulers, clients who are never ever EVER satisfied... I have seen and experienced it all and I am telling you there is a better way. You are worth more. You CAN create the life of your wildest dreams. And you can do it all on your own terms while taking those damn vacations!


CATAPULT YOUR BUSINESS: 1 on 1 Private Coaching

For those who are ready to dive deep. And I mean real deep. We will take your business from zero to sixty and chart you on a path to next level success. Utilizing proven methods tailored specifically to your individual needs while maintaining focus on three pillars: mindset, strategy and execution.

BONUS: All private coaching receive full access to all courses launched during time of package.

Up until now, I have only accepted clients on a referral basis. If you didn't know one of my existing clients, then you weren't getting in the door.

Too many people are getting burnt out, frustrated and ultimately quitting and I can't take it anymore!

I have the ability to serve more people than I have been and will be opening up my books to a maximum of 5 new clients for a limited time only.

I'll be opening the application soon and those on the waitlist will receive first priority!

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