Jessica Zeinstra Rosen
Jessica Zeinstra Rosen
Business Strategist + Empowerment Coach for Independent Stylists + Salon Owners
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Hi, I'm Jess.
I help ambitious women monetize their passions
by learning to unleash their inner ceo.



it was all a dream…

As I sat there at what I believed to be the pinnacle of my career, I began wondering what was next for me. I also couldn’t understand why so many of my colleagues were struggling to make their own dreams come true. Slowly, but surely, they started reaching out to me for guidance and one by one, like dominoes tipping, they started crushing it. They began embodying the person I always knew they could be, they just hadn’t yet discovered it for themselves. It was in this moment I realized I was onto something and that this message and process had to be shared with others. It was just too valuable to keep all to myself. So, I fully stepped into my higher self, I fully realized what my ultimate purpose in this world is, I fully unleashed my inner CEO so I could help other ambitious women, just like you, do the same.

I was the girl on the playground daydreaming of what could one day be. I would float off into far away lands, blissfully unaware of my surroundings. Time went by, life carried on, and I grew farther away from that daydreaming little girl. I did what everyone told me I was “supposed” to do - went to college, settled down with a guy, was looking into law school. One day it hit me like a ton of bricks. I wasn’t happy and needed a hard reset. I packed my bags and moved across the country with $30 in my bank account. I had a dream of going to hair school and becoming a global educator for a high profile brand. Fast forward 8 years - the dream I thought would take a lifetime to reach had come to fruition. I landed my dream job and had scaled and sold multiple 6-figure businesses along the way.


My Mission, and I’ve chosen to accept it:

To facilitate massive change in the world by focusing on building other's success. You see, I have this idea that when people achieve financial freedom and overcome their mindset roadblocks, they are uplifted. This then creates a ripple effect, with positivity continually flowing from being to being. Through my tried and tested process of Strategy + Mindset + Execution I have seen enormous shifts in people's lives and businesses, including my own.

In short, I want to change the world.