Do You Allow Negative Clients to Ruin Your Day??

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Real talk...

I keep seeing this quote everywhere: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” - Jim Rohn
And then I keep hearing hair industry friends complain about certain clients... how they drag their energy down whenever they see them on their books and it ends up ruining their entire day, sometimes entire week!

So it has me thinking... why do we allow negative energy to run our days? Why don’t we fill our books with clients we adore and are excited to help?

When I was working behind the chair this is something I worked very hard at... surrounding myself with clients and coworkers who inspired me, allowed me to be fully myself and had positive energies. Yes, everyone has their bad days (myself included) and sometimes clients will be late. Sometimes they will be in bad moods and sometimes they actually may not be totally in love with the outcome of that new cut or color! Everyone deserves grace. 

But about the clients who no-show a lot (like almost every time) or who are never ever EVER satisfied with their color, or who constantly nit pick at you or talk down to you like you don't exist (yes, I’ve had them all). We can do one of two things... either choose to love and except them just the way they are and attempt to raise their energies ourselves by pouring immense love into them every time they come in OR we can become so overbooked with our ideal clients that the others are simply unable to find an appointment. The choice is ours.

I have also found that there aren't a lot of people out there teaching us how to actually grow our clientele in a simple and meaningful way that allows us to feel good and supported. A lot of what I am seeing has us handing out free haircuts or running ourselves ragged with Groupon. I am not saying those methods don't work, they most certainly do or people wouldn't be recommending them. I am telling you there is an easier way. It is simple and allows you to work on your own terms while being true to what feels right for you.

You deserve to be booked solid for 2+months. You deserve to raise your prices and you deserve a book full of clients who will pay you in full. You deserve to make more money so you can afford to take time off. You deserve to have a book full of clients you adore. You are worth it. It is your time and I want to help you get there.

I have developed proven strategies that allowed me to almost double my prices while growing my clientele at the same time. I did this on my own terms, without giving out a single free service, working only 4 days a week and took a month vacation in Italy! The only thing I used was social media and I can teach you to do the same.

I take a completely different approach than anyone else is teaching. It's simple and allows you to be fully yourself and true to your brand.

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