Stepping into action


It's time to wake up!

>>It’s time to wake the F up.<<
It’s time for you to take massive action.
The longer you wait, the farther away from your goals you become.
Stop waiting for everything to be “perfect” before you take the next step.
It will never be perfect.
You will never feel 100% ready to take the massive action you know you need to.
Every time I reached another level I did so by jumping off the ledge with no contingency plan. 
There was no plan B.
I only gave myself the one option.
It HAD to work.
I forced myself to rise up because I literally had no other option.
I also did the mindset work to make sure I was mentally supported to push through any barrier.
Boiling it down, most excuses I hear stem from a major mindset block.
You’re afraid, insecure, unsure, comparing, etc.
When your mindset isn’t right, no amount of strategy will give you the confidence to take the massive action.
If you ask any successful entrepreneur they will tell you personal development sets the foundation for everything else.
They will also say you need help along the way and shouldn’t do it alone.
I’m creating a killer intimate mastermind for independent hair and beauty pros.
We’ll come together in a small group of highly motivated, kick ass entrepreneurs and work through my business building formula: Strategy + Mindset + Execution.
Maybe you’re looking to take the leap and open your own salon/studio space.
Maybe you’re already in your own space and need help building your business.
Maybe you’re renting a chair, but are struggling to hit your financial goals.
This is for you.
The official launch is in August, but here’s your chance to get on the waitlist and receive a bonus 1:1 coaching session with me!
If you’re on the list and sign up for the program, you’ll get an additional 60 minutes fully devoted to you and your business.
This program will be affordable.
There will be payment plan options.
It’s only open to 5 people.
Waitlist gets first dibs.