Are you saying yes to your soul or are you saying yes to your bullshit?

WARNING: This may trigger you!

I wrote this while stuck in the middle seat on a cross country flight next to a complete asshole because I said no to the Universe the day before.
I’m Diamond status with Delta and I always get upgraded to first class. ALWAYS. Like, literally every time. I just do.
The day before my flight I was shopping after a long weekend event with back to back meetings in Las Vegas.
I was having an amazing time, in total alignment and desperately wanted to treat myself.
I’ve been working double time lately and wanted a new belt and handbag.
I popped into Gucci.
Within seconds allllll the old limiting beliefs came rushing back. It hit me hard and was so unexpected!
“You don’t belong here”
“What will your husband think”
“The people here have so much more money than you do”
“You can’t afford anything in this store”
I left and went to Louis Vuitton.
Same thing.
I went back and forth.
In and out.
Checking my bank account balances.
Calculating what would be left in my account in attempt to affirm I could, in fact, afford it.
Walking in circles... I swear the sales associates thought I was losing my mind. And I was.
I left empty handed.
I said no to my desires.
So, it didn’t come as a surprise when the next day I went to board my flight and my upgrade didn’t clear.
I was stuck in the middle seat, next to a total jerk who was screaming profanities over the phone to customer service.
I had recoiled.
I held myself back.
I reverted back to the Jess from several years ago.
I said no to the desires of my soul.
I said no to the Universe so the Universe responded with the same level I kept myself the day before.
What are you currently saying no to?
Where in your life are you holding back?
What just popped into your head? I know something did...
When you say no to your desires, you’re effectively telling the universe you’re not available for better things.
If you’re not where you want to be, you’re not doing the work.
You’re continuing to say no to your desires.
It doesn’t mean you’re not capable.
You’re allowing fear to rule you.
You’re allowing your bullshit stories to be bigger than your dreams.
Make today the day you finally say yes.
Make today the day you decide to follow your heart and get after your desires without abandon.
So, are you saying yes to your soul or are you saying yes to your bullshit?

Massive Love and Support,
Jess Rosen