I’m a college dropout and I barely graduated from cosmetology school.


what you don't know about me...

I’m a college dropout and I barely graduated from cosmetology school.
>>My first men’s haircut took me 4 hours and I stepped away halfway through to cry in the bathroom. Guys, I was seriously so bad. 😵
>>The first class I assisted, I mistakenly wore a grey bodysuit and couldn’t turn my back to the class because I had major sweat marks. I never wanted to teach again. 😓💦😳
>>When I quickly rose past my peers to become Salon Manager, I was met with anger and hostility.
>>When I left the first salon I worked at with no plans on where to go next, everyone thought I was nuts.🙀
>>The first time I taught on stage at a show, my entire body was shaking from nerves. I actually had to lay down in the bathroom from a panic attack. I still get anxiety today.🤢
>>When I opened my own studio, even my husband thought I was crazy for leaving the protection of a very well known salon. Especially since this was while planning a massive destination wedding that I would be taking a month off of work for!
>>I jumped at the opportunity to become Global Education Manager and handed off my stable, 6-figure business filled with clients I adored.
I am no different from you.
I have had struggles both in my career and personal life.
I pushed past them regardless.
I do not dwell on them.
I take the leap.
I feel the fear.
I feel the insecurities.
I feel the uncertainty and I persist anyways.
Then I let go.
I let go of expectations.
I let go of timelines.
I let go of how it’s “supposed” to be.
🔑 Some of the most amazing moments in my career came right after these times.
🔑The light is just on the other side of the darkness.
🔑The past is in the past and it no longer needs to take up space in your present.
🔑You decide what your future holds.
🔑You choose what you give your power to.

If no one has told you today:
You are powerful
You are strong
You are smart
You are good enough

Every minute of every day is a chance to pivot. To take the leap of faith.
Now go take massive action towards your dreams.