Plagiarism and when someone copies you...

Last night as I was mindlessly perusing local hashtags, I stumbled upon a striking post.
It was my exact content.
On someone else’s page.
With their own picture.
Claiming it as theirs.
Neither my name nor credit to me was anywhere in sight.
I work very hard and pour my soul into the content I create. Many of my posts are like journal entries.
They are my written art and will some day be printed in my book.
So, I took a screenshot, shared it to my stories and tagged their page.
I put on my calming ocean waves playlist and drifted off to sleep.
I woke up this morning to a message from them asking me to take down my story as they had deleted the post.
Immediately I plunged into a shame spiral.
Was I being over the top by calling them out?
Was it too much?
Perhaps I hurt their feelings... I’ve totally embarrassed them.
What will people think of me for calling them out?
Will they judge me?
I decided to leave the post up.
It’s uncomfortable for me to call someone out even when they deserve it.
It’s uncomfortable for me to stand up for myself.
It’s uncomfortable for me to speak my truth.
I was taught to bite my tongue in order to save the other person.
I was instructed to hold back my truth even when what they were doing was wrong because it was inappropriate to upset people... a lady never made anyone upset.
I was taught that being passive was proper and the only way to make friends and have people like you.
As a result I felt caged and stifled, unable to express my feelings in a constructive way.
I would bottle everything up and then one day explode like a ticking time bomb.
I shut people off and pretended everything was fine.
So, I’m practicing what I preach and doing the work.
I’m journaling, reflecting and meditating.
I’m showing up for myself just like I guide my clients to.
Im digging deep into the feelings coming up for me.
How are you showing up for yourself today??

Jessica ZeinstraComment