I don't discount my services and here's why...

If I discount my services, I'm telling you I don't believe in myself or that what I offer isn't really worth what I charge.
I'm telling you I don't believe I can guide you through a transformation worthy of my actual prices.
You inherently won't show up as much as you would if you paid full price. Not by any fault of your own, your subconscious just knows you can slack off a bit because you don't have as much skin in the game.
When we put it all on the line our human nature forces us to rise to the occasion.
I base my prices on several factors:
1. The amount of my time and energy it requires
2. My years of experience, training, and trial and error
3. The level of transformation I am able to provide with the service
The higher the price, the larger the transformation.
What I do like to do to incentivize immediate purchase is to include a bonus if they buy within a specific timeframe.
-- If you purchase within the next 24 hours, you'll receive these 3 bonus training videos for free! **(videos that were pre-recorded and used for multiple purposes)
-- If you pre-book your appointment, you'll receive a free travel size product when you come in next!
Now, if you have a product based business (clothing boutique, restaurant, etc) you may think this doesn't relate...
Oh, but it does.
Instead of always having a 20% off sale, save those for black Friday or your once yearly blowout.
Restaurants should only offer discounts during the time of day/day of the week when it's hardest to get customers in your doors.
Free bonus examples:
-- Come in on Tuesday and bring 5 of your friends to receive a free (choose an appetizer with the best margin)
-- Spend $500 this month to receive a free (low cost, highly desirable item)
The point is, if you're always offering coupons and discounts, people will simply wait for the next sale to purchase.
If you offer one time only bonuses on a specific product or service and include an expiration date, it creates urgency and adds value.
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