How to create you 1 year and 5 year business and life vision... plus a bonus tip!

Seriously tho, what are you doing? Do you even know?
Where are you headed? This year? Next year? 5 years?
Do you know? Do your employees know? Do your friends know?
Accountability is important.
Leading with your vision is important.
They ensure the things you're working on day in, day out are in full alignment with where you want to go.
When a new venture comes your way, you'll have a clear understanding if it is a 'yes' or a 'not right now'.
This also helps your team stay aligned and ensures they only bring you ideas and projects that support the future vision of your company.
So often we spend our time working on things that ultimately don't matter. We easily get sidetracked by collaborating with a company, or working on an event, or starting a podcast when they may not actually support our end goal. If we as business owners are unsure of our company vision, you better believe our employees are confused as well!
To set them up for success and to make sure our resources are being used efficiently, we need to set clear goals and objectives.
Get into the habit of starting every day and every meeting reviewing your company vision.
How to create your 1 year and 5 year vision:
1. What are the values you want your company to uphold? How do you want people to describe you? What do you want to be known for?
2. What do you want to accomplish in 5 years? Revenue goals? How do you want to feel?
3. What needs to happen in the next year to lay the foundation for your 5 year goals?
4. Write out your vision statement: include your 1 + 5 year goals, the words that describe you and how you want to feel.
BONUS TIP What to do every day:
1. Every morning re-read your 1 year and 5 year goals.
2. Look at everything on your task list for the day to ensure it's still aligned. *What you're unable to accomplish by end of day, gets moved to the following day's list.
3. Review weekly tasks & remove anything that's no longer a priority based on workload.