It's not the algorithm's fault no one likes your Instagram content

There, I said it.

👉🏼I'm sick of people saying they can't grow their Instagram account because of the algorithm. That the platform is now "pay to play" and Instagram is only giving engagement to those who run ads or boost their posts.
Like it's somehow Instagram's fault no one is engaging with their shitty content.

🚨NEWSFLASH: Instagram WANTS you to succeed
The more successful you are on the platform, the better it is for them.


Have you spent any time perusing Instagram content?
Have you spent any time actually studying what other people are posting?
Do you research the types of content people are actually engaging with?

I do and let me tell you, pretty pictures and compelling content is no longer enough.

🔑With the rise of photo editing apps and presets, the younger generation having grown up using the platform, and everyone and their mother becoming a micro influencer, the game has changed.

Just like with traditional marketing campaigns where every year businesses shift their approach, the same rules apply to social media marketing.