I left my 6-figure dream job...

I left my cushy 6-figure corporate dream job.
It actually was my dream job.

The one I left college to pursue.
The job I thought would take decades to land had happened in less than 7 years.
I truly loved it... I had regular meetings with the company owners who fully supported my vision for what my department could transform into. I built an incredible team based in 19 countries, developed content that helped millions grow their businesses, I had a voice in the direction of new products brought to market. It was everything I wanted.
This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make.
What started as a side project 18 months ago from people messaging me on Instagram has quickly taken over every ounce of passion within me. I found myself daydreaming of running my own business again, the content I would create to help the masses overcome roadblocks, the way I would set up courses, the luxury retreats and events, the inevitable book... it consumed me.
Until one day I could no longer ignore it.
My business and impact has exploded over the past 6 months. 🤯
I’ve been able to serve SO many people and things started running away from me.
I began losing the direct connection I had with my community and clients because the IG messages tripled, courses weren’t as buttoned up, content not as impactful.
The fun I once had was starting to fade and become replaced by stress.
I was being forced to make a decision.
— what was once my very stable dream job?
— what is now my very unpredictable passion?
I chose the later.

The day had finally come where I was confident enough in myself that I said “fuck it” and started running full force after my dreams.
So, here we are, one week after saying farewell to my cushy corporate 6-figure dream job and I couldn’t feel more alive.
Every day I wake up excited to create, excited to work on my next projects, exited to be able to fully focus on helping other people build their dreams.
So, if you have something on your heart that you just can’t shake, it’s time for you to take the leap and go after it.

One of the amazing programs I’ve been dying to create for months, but just didn’t have the time is now launched!

I’m pulling back the curtains and spilling allll the tea... you’re getting all my insights from growing my own brands, dozens of private clients as well as the corporations I’ve worked with.
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