If the only reason your clients come to you is your price, you need to evaluate your business model.

All the time I hear people say, "I can't raise my prices or I'll lose clients"
My response: "GOOD"

Listen, I get it. Raising your prices can be scary and overwhelming.
How do I even tell them?
What if they balk at the price?
What if they ask for discounts?
What if they never come back?
What if I can't book clients at my new rate?

These are all mindset blocks.

If your clients aren't willing to spend more for your service, then they are no longer your ideal clients and you need to focus on attracting those who will.

💣 It's ok to lose clients.

This clears space for new ones to come in!

On the high end, you may lose 10% of your clients.

If you're charging $100 per hour and taking 8 clients per day, working 4 days per week that's $3200 a week.

If you raise your prices to $150 per hour, lose 10% to take 7 clients per day, working 4 days per week that's actually $4200🤯

🤑 You've lost clients and are now making MORE, working LESS!

You could even eliminate an entire day's worth of clients and STILL, take home $3150 a week🤩

🔑 6-figure earners all started at the bottom.
They were fresh in business, charging low prices too.

The difference?
They raise their prices frequently.
They stand with conviction when telling their clients.
They do not make exceptions or excuses.

Years ago, when I ran a salon I was told we could only charge so much for haircuts. People said clients would NEVER pay more than a certain amount. There was a perceived ceiling.

Well, whenever someone tells me I can't do something, I'm determined to prove them wrong.

🔥 So I doubled the prices and became booked solid for 3 months at the same time.

I want the same for you.

It's time for you to price your services at a level that allows you to live your life fully. So you can breathe, pay all your bills, hire the coach you want to and take the vacation that's been on your vision board for years.

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