How to capture your ideal client's attention

👉🏼To capture your ideal client’s attention, show up on the platform THEY are using the most.👈🏼

🔑 Ask yourself... where do you go to look up business information, trusted photos of the restaurant’s food, before and after pictures, etc?

🙌🏼60% of users (that’s 600+ million people) seek out and discover new products on Instagram.💃🏼

🔥75% TAKE ACTION while using the platform, according to recent studies. That means they are making purchases, booking appointments, reaching out for more information directly from your page. (Yassssss 🥂)

🧐Are you working for your social media or is your social media working for you?
A high number of page views or getting higher up in google search doesn’t equal sales.

I will teach you EXACTLY what to do on Instagram to...
✅ create copy that converts
✅ post images that stop people from scrolling
✅ create an engaged audience FULL of your IDEAL CLIENTS (meaning ones that will actually make a purchase from you)
✅ how to get the attention from brands you want to partner with
✅ the real insider tips and tricks no one wants to show you (because they’re selfish and want to keep you from surpassing them)

What I won’t do:
❌ tell you it’s mandatory to post every day
❌ force you to do something or say something that’s not aligned or authentic to your brand
❌ have you pay for ads or boosted posts
❌ have you spending hours every day on social media

If you want to start actually attracting your ideal clients in an authentic and manageable way, then my new program Instagram Unleashed is 💯 for you.

If you have any questions my website doesn’t answer, please let me know!! I’m always available for questions (unlike some other people on social media)