When you're hesitating and you don't know why...

Remember back in elementary school when we had to ask permission just to go to the bathroom?
Then sometimes, even though we reeeeaaaaallllyyyy had to go, we were told "no"?
😳Am I the only one who had a kid decide to just pee on the floor in first grade because he wasn't given permission?!
Just me??
Cool cool.😎
Here's the thing... from a very young age you were conditioned to ask permission.
You had to ask your parents for ice cream after dinner or to go over to a friends house after school.
You had to raise your hand in class to ask a question or even just to go to the bathroom.
This was all to keep you safe and everything in order.
I mean, it makes perfect sense that you needed to ask your parents for permission to do certain things!
What happens as we grow older is we're still conditioned to ask for permission.
In high school, it's taking your parent's car to stay out past curfew.
In college, it's checking with your advisor before dropping a class or changing your major.
In your first job, it's requesting vacation time or triple checking approval before moving forward on a low-level project.
Yes, all of these serve a purpose...
However, it flows over into your personal life and business as well.
You seek guidance from friends, family, and significant others before making a decision.
You seek outside validation to give you permission to do the thing or want the thing.
At some point, you need to realize you've always had permission, you just need to take the action.
You have permission to want the thing you want.
You have permission to build your business however feels most aligned to you.
You have permission to hire that coach because she sparks something within you.
You have permission to go to that event because you know it will help you grow.
You have permission, so take it and run with it!

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