What will my family think?

What will my family think?
I was talking to a potential client this morning and after we dove deep into her ultimate high level goals, she asked the rhetorical question: “but what will my family think?”
Y’all know I couldn’t let that one sit so we dug into it.
I discovered that she grew up in a low income household, parents divorced when she was very young, and everything she had growing up was a hand-me-down.
She looked at people who desired wealth as greedy, crazy and out of touch.
She grew up hearing negative comments about friends who moved away from their small town, about friends who started driving luxury cars, people who took nice vacations, etc.

Her ultimate fear is that her family won’t understand her path.
That they will become judgmental, call her crazy and greedy.
That they will ultimately disown her because she suddenly thinks she’s too good for the small town life.
Here’s the thing...
1 - are you ready to give up on your dreams because of something someone ‘might’ say or think?
2 - you playing small is actually doing a huge disservice to your family because it assumes they also don’t have an elevated version of themselves they can step up to.
3 - you’re actually projecting your own insecurities and limiting beliefs onto your family.
She’s unknowingly holding herself back from success by allowing these thought patterns to dictate her decisions.
There’s so much more we can do to rewire her brain for success and she knows it.
Even just one month would move mountains so I can’t wait to see the impact 6 months of working with me will have 🔥
• • •

Spent the weekend laughing and eating my way through NYC with my family.
Being open with them along my journey has been the most rewarding experience.
Painful at times, absolutely.
Through every obstacle, we grow stronger ♥️

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